We are back! Diamond Dave’s II!

The name pretty well says it all. For those of you who know us and our family, this is Part II of our lives. For those of you who are new friends- Our story goes like this…

Twenty-Three years ago in 1993, we were married and that same year we opened our first Diamond Dave’s in Keokuk, Iowa where we called home.

Diamond Daves

Two years later in 1995, we opened our second Diamond Dave’s in Macomb, IL. That same year our lives changed forever as we were blessed with our daughter, Megan.

In 1998, our lil family grew again and we were blessed with our son Matt. As business flourished, now having two small kiddos, we decided to sell Diamond Dave’s in Keokuk and move our family to Macomb, IL.

As the kids grew and became active in sports, cheerleading and such, juggling their lives and the restaurant became very difficult. Being active parents in their lives, we did not want to miss one single event they were involved in. After long hours of discussion, we made the most difficult yet the VERY BEST decision that we have ever made in our lives.

Diamond Daves

In 2008, we decided to close Diamond Dave’s lease the restaurant and the building. During this time, we acquired “9 to 5” jobs, attended all sporting and cheerleading events, and spent priceless, quality time with our children. Even though this was a difficult decision to make, we feel it was THE BEST decision we have EVER made and wish that everyone had the opportunity to do the same.

It is now 2016, Megan is twenty one years old, and sophomore at WIU and Matt is seventeen years old and will be a junior at Macomb High. Once again a family decision has been made to re-open the restaurant. Welcome to Diamond Dave’s II!

During this Phase II of our lives and the kids out with friends, we have enjoyed getting out and playing pool. Rob’s passion for billiards has inspired us to open Shooters. Located in the back of Diamond Dave’s, it is an upscale billiards and gaming bar where friends can gather and enjoy an adult beverage in a comfortable, fun adult atmosphere. Our travels around the US has inspired the wood atmosphere, creative lighting, and all the perks that any billiards player will enjoy. With pool leagues and tournaments, Shooters is sure to be THE place to be.